The History of Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday History

There is only one day during the year that most retail companies go to what is called “into the black” meaning to make a profit. This is the day after Thanksgiving. This is when crowds of people visit stores all across the nation to take advantage of savings, deals, sales, special promotions and more. Black Friday has quite a long history dating back to the crash of the U.S. gold market on September 24, 1869. It was then that the stock market wen into a free-fall and bankrupted everyone from Wall Street investors to America’s farmers. Today, Black Friday remains a tradition that is linked to retailers and shoppers.

Today, holiday shoppers don’t mind spending a lot of money on discounted merchandise. It was retail companies that use to record their losses in red and their profits in black when it came time for accounting. In the beginning, retailers referred to Black Friday as a negative term, but today retailers have found a way to make Black Friday something that is positive. Now the one-day big sales event has turned into a four-day shopping event. Stores even begin to open earlier and earlier on Black Friday, and now the most dedicated Black Friday shoppers can head out as soon after their Thanksgiving meal.

Cyber Monday History

Cyber Monday dates back to a marketing team in 2005, a division of the National Retail Federation. It was a creative thought to provide online retailers with a nice match of the shopping frenzy of Black Friday savings. It has become a very popular online shopping day. Cyber Monday helps online retailers see an unexpected rise in their sales. Cyber Monday offers online shoppers sales, discounts, savings, and special promotions the way Black Friday shoppers enjoy in traditional stores. Cyber Monday is the kick-off of online shopping for the holiday season.

In addition to these two great shopping days, there are others as well. There are Small Business Saturday by American Express, Green Monday by eBay, Super Saturday, and Giving Tuesday. The holiday are not only about gift shopping, they are also about giving and during these special shopping events there are many online retailers who accept online donations to give to charities to help those less fortunate. If you are a thrifty shopper looking for big savings, then you can surely save a great deal of money by choosing one of these famous shopping day events.

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