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A florist is a person who either sells or grows flowers as well as ornamental plants for sale or does both growing and selling of such plants. The genesis of floral designs can be traced back to Egypt as early as the 2,500 BC. Back then flowers were put in vases for ceremonies as well as simple decorations. Such arrangements were used for religious purposes. Flowers such as the water lily and the lotus flower were often used in arrangements that were considered sacred. Other flowers that were used back in the day include: iris sibirica, the blue scilla, palm tree, rose, papyrus, poppy-flowered anemone, delphinium and narcissus.

The growth of flowers is referred to as floriculture while the production, commerce and trade in flowers is called floristry. Floral design, flower care and handling, merchandising, as well as flower sale falls under floristry. This sector has embraced technological changes all the way from flower growth to the sale of flowers. Most flower farms now grow their flowers in greenhouses and effect some of the flower sales online.

Apart from the fact that the floral industry has evolved over time, it has also been accepted globally. Some of the flower eras that have been marked in history include: Middle Ages arrangements, renaissance, barbeque arrangements, French arrangements, Dutch-flemish arrangements, Victorian arrangements and Georgian arrangements. All these periods have characteristics that make them stand out. Some of the all-time renowned floral designers include: D’Petals, Catherine Conlin, Judith Blacklock, Junichi Kikizaki, Phil Rulloda, Paula Pryke, Azuma Makoto, Daniel Ost, Jennifer Mc Garigle, Stalee Gatti, Julia Clements, and Irene Hayes among others.

Industrial associations such as; the Society of American Florists, American Institute of Designers, and National Flower Arranging societies are some of the groups that promote global floral designs through forums such as workshops, shows and seminars just to name a few. Floral designs and flower growth courses have been introduced in learning institutions worldwide.