Mobile Marketing Trends

Marketers are always looking for new ways to reach their client. The newest way to advertise is through mobile marketing. This marketing will allow a business to communicate with customers on their smartphone. They can send advertisement to the phone in the form of a text message or on the internet. Mobile marketing is advancing as well. There are some new trends to watch for in mobile marketing.

Messaging Apps

There are many people that use messaging apps as a form of communication. Businesses have taken notice to this and are developing their own messaging apps so they can communicate with customers. They are also developing in app chatbots that will be able to respond to the customer right away. These bots can answer any questions that the customer may have and allow for fast and efficient communication.

Upload Speeds

If a customer cannot find the information that are looking for in three second on their mobile phone they will move onto the next site. Customers do not have the patience to spend a lot of time waiting for an ad to load. If the ad does not load within this three second time span a business has to go in and fix the program. Businesses with fast loading speed see a 70 percent increase in sales than businesses that are slow to load.

Stop Popups

Popup ads are not liked by consumers. If the ad is covering the content they are trying to read they will exit the page as well as the ad. Not only will the consumer move on but the search ranking placement will become lower.

These are just some of the marketing trends in mobile marketing. Business have taken notice that people are often on their smartphones and are adjusting the way that they reach customers based on these trends.