Aion Kinah Making Tips

Gathering is a good way to make Kinah. Everyone needs resources sometimes for things like crafting, enchantments, potions, and gear. No matter what resources you gather, they will sell out all the time, as long as your prices are reasonable. If prices are lower at the moment than you want to sell for, just wait a day or two and they will probably change.

In Aion there are a lot of items that look cool, but don’t do too much for your character’s stats. Many of these good-looking items can be sold for a very high profit. People will othen use these items to change the model of their current gear if it has good stats, but looks like an outfit they stole from a clown.

Use your private store(for more than just going AFK)! Everytime you go AFK, make a store. Put anything in that you think another player could even have a remote possibility of wanting. You might get lucky and some player will come by and buy some unwanted item from you.

Finally, one of the ultimate tools for getting cash is your wings! Expensive Aether resources can be found all over the sky, so flying longer will help you collect more nodes, and therefore more Kinah.

These are just a few of the smaller tips I learned from the new kinah guide by Killer Guides. If you are interested in making tons of Kinah then check it out here Aion Kinah guide